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20 Mind Blowing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

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20 Mind Blowing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know



Mind Blowing Makeup Tips 


     Do you know how to get the perfect smokey eye? How about which primer is the best match for your skin type? Can you tell the difference between a BB & CC cream? With so many beauty products on the market, it's very easy to get confused, and even worse is buying the wrong makeup and wasting money.


  Well, we are here to answer some of your most commonly asked beauty questions with tips and tricks from some of the top beauty experts.


    We have expert beauty tips & tricks for.......


   Get inspired, educated and beautified! Lets start with the basics and address your skin before you start your "official" beauty routine.



Skin Care Before You Apply Your Makeup

   First and foremost is starting with a clean face. Here are some great tips to cleaning and perfecting your skin care regime before you apply your makeup.

 You can see more of Ruby's videos here....


  Elle magazine's 100 skin care tips has amazing nuggets of information for people who have problems with acne and dry skin and are looking to improve wrinkles and fine lines.


    How To Avoid Sun Damage

    sun damage on face


     What I wish I knew was how important it is to apply sun screen on before you step outside, every day. I have quite a few brown spots and wish that I had followed this rule a long time ago. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, or how young or old you are. The sun can and will damage your skin.


    Stay Younger, Longer.....Here Is The 411 on Sunscreen



      Here are some top performing sunscreens to wear under your makeup from Beauty411  that give you plenty of choices no matter what your budget is. 

       Since sunscreen only works for a limited time, usually only a few hours, you will need to apply it again to keep your skin protected. These powders contain SPF and are very easy to put on over your makeup.

    Here are some helpful makeup tips for covering up brown spots and hyper pigmentation.


    Choosing The Right Concealers, Primers, & Foundations

    How to choose the right concealer and primer



       Ok, so you know how important it is to clean your skin and protect it before you put your makeup on, now where do you go from here? Lets continue with foundations, concealers, BB & CC creams, and primers.

     How do you know which kind of coverage is right for you? My first piece of advice is to actually go into your local beauty store and get educated. Sephora is a great store for this and their employees have a wealth of information. They offer great advice, and best of all, give you samples! 

        Ok, so lets get the 411 on primers, BB, CC & DD cream and concealers.


    Primers were created to keep your skin looking flawless. It's job is to fill in fine lines and keep oil at bay providing a smooth canvas for your foundation to stick to. Here are some top primers to consider.


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    Here is the perfect video from Birchbox on choosing the right primer...


    BB & CC & DD Creams

     Many of these creams can be very confusing, and share similar ingredients and benefits. But each of these do have distinct advantages and benefits. Here is the 411 on BB, CC & DD creams.

      BB cream stands for "Beauty Balm" and it's main benefit is to hydrate, smooth, and brighten your skin. Many BB creams also offer effective sun protection, with broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

     BB creams also help even out skin tone and can help smooth the skin, acting much like a foundation primer does.

      CC cream stand for "Color Correcting" and the difference between BB and CC cream is minimal. They were created to address issues like redness or sallowness, whereas BB creams are like lighter foundation with a few extra skin care benefits. CC creams generally provide more coverage than BB creams, but not always.

      DD creams stand for "Daily Defense" or "Dermatologically Defining" and they are suppose to supply more anti-aging benefits than CC creams and more coverage than BB creams. According to Popsugar, they take multitasking to a whole new level. You can check out a few of them here from PopSugar Beauty.


    Here is more information from on these amazing creams from Asian Beauty Secrets.



     How To Tweeze And Shape Your Eyebrows

    How to shape and tweeze your eyebrows


       So lets talk about eyebrows! Having the right shape for your face is crucial because this is what frames your face. Have you ever looked at someone and thought wow, they look so put together and seamless? This is probably because their eyebrows were perfectly shaped and defined.

       Is it hard to get the right shape? Not at all. Even if you are a victim of over plucking or sparse hairs. There are so many great products out there to create the perfect brow. One of my all time favorite is Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. You will also need a good angled  eyebrow  brush to apply this properly. Here is video showing how to use this gel.

    Here are tips for....

    Check out this video for how to shape natural brows....


    How To Apply Bronzer

    how to apply brozer


        Getting that sun kissed look takes a little bit of skill. There is a fine line between having healthy looking skin and looking orange and fake. It starts with choosing the right product for your skin type and color.

       The best way to finding the right shade is to try a few of them. Like I said earlier, go to your beauty store a try their samples. My favorite is Laura Geller bronze-n-brighten. Not only does it bronze your skin beautifully, it also has multiple color infusions to color-correct your skin and give you a radiant glow.

    Shop Blush, Foundation, Baked Collection & More at laurageller.com

    Check out MakeupbyTiffany,she has some great tips.



    How To Apply Blush

    how to apply blush for any face shape

       Wearing blush has the sweet advantage of adding brightness to a dull complexion. Just  a touch in the right places can give the appearance of healthy vibrant skin.

    Did you know that blush comes in three different forms? You can apply with a cream, gel, and powder. One thing to consider, if you use gel, it should be put on moisturized skin. It tends to be a bit dry fast so it's best to blend quickly.

    If you have oily skin, powder may be your best choice. Creams are great for most skin types, especially those who have dry skin. They spread on and blend easily. 

    Here are some top blush choices for every budget. 

    Check out these blush tips from The Makeup Chair.



     How To Fix Under Eye Circles And Puffiness

     Did you know that the skin around your eyes is over 10 times thinner than any other skin on your face? Yikes! This is so important NOT to ignore. 

     What is the most common complaint that women have under their eyes? It's puffiness and dark circles. This leaves you looking tiered, aged, and looking exhausted.

         Swollen, tired eyes happen because of many different reasons, but mainly because you you didn't have enough sleep. Another reason could be is that you are dehydrated or have too much sodium intake. 

      The best products are very subjective and work differently for everyone. My best advice is to try a few before you settle on one.  Here is one that comes highly rated.

         Don't want to spend a lot on creams? Try using a home remedy for under eye bags. Give caffeinated tea bags a try. Soak them in warm water and apply on your eyes for 5 minutes. They act as a natural mild diuretic and can help reduce swelling.

      Here's how to conceal under eye bags and dark circles with The Glam Belle...



       Mascara Tips & Tricks- How To Make Your Lashes Look Longer

      how to make lashes look longer

          I am one of those people that have stick straight eyelashes. I envy every little child that I see with these big natural gorgeous lashes. Not fair. I'm taking a wild guess that most every woman would love long luscious lashes too. 

       Here are a few mascara hacks to get those lashes that everyone will envy.

      1. Bend you mascara brush so that it's angled.It will be easier to use and get up against the lash line.

      2. Coat both sides of your lashes. It will definitely make them look thicker.

      3. Turn your brush vertically to reach those inner lashes and get a more natural look.

      4. Don't pump your mascara brush up and down before you apply. I know, it's almost second nature, but this will make it clumpy and flaky.

      5. And my favorite piece of advice, heat your your eyelash curler with your blow dryer and your lashes will hold their curl longer.

      Here are 5 more amazing tips!


       Ipsy has some great tips too!



      How To Create A Smokey Eye

        Creating a smokey eye can be very tricky. I have tried many times and made myself look like a raccoon. There is a lot of smudging and blending and you need to be patient. It's important to remember to prep your eye lids with a primer so that you eye makeup will set  better. And setting with a translucent powder.

      Using a smudge brush, blend your darker color up from the lash line. You will then need to  blend into a soft fade. 

       Try any one of the gorgeous eyeshadow palettes....


      Here are some tips for creating a smokey eye for brown eyes


       Check out this great tutorial from Lauren Curtis.


       5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

        We all are looking for those big doe eyes, and if you weren't born with them, you can easily fake them, with the help of a few sneaky tricks that look very natural.

      Here's how to make your eyes look bigger:

      •  Apply highlighter on your brow bone and this will add an instant lift.
      • Do not apply your eye liner on your water line, this will make your eyes appear smaller.
      • Use a soft nude or white eye liner in your waterline and this will open up your eyes and make them look larger
      • Create curly big lashes, this make your eye pop
      • Dab the inner corners of your eyes with a highlighter

      Here are some tips on how to make your eye huge with out making them look overdone.




      How To Contour Your Face  

       Contouring your face is not for someone who doesn't want to wear a lot of makeup. This can be very intimidating but really, it isn't all that complicated. If you don't follow the proper steps though, you can end up looking dirty. If done correctly, you can look quite amazing.

        The purpose of contouring is to create an illusion, whether it be a slimmer nose, higher cheek bones, a slimmer face, or just an over all more defined look. It's really the best makeup trick around.

        So, where do you start? First, you need to begin with a foundation that matches your skin perfectly. You also need a foundation that is lighter and one that is darker. This is where the magic happens.

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        Warning though, you will start to look a bit crazy until you start blending. I know you have seen many "before" pictures of women contouring and they resemble some sort of crazy clown. This is where a good set of makeup brushes come into play.

        Want to learn how to contour your nose? Check it here.

      Here is the perfect tutorial for contouring your face for beginners.



       How To Cover Up Brown Spots & Sun Damage

         Brown spots on your face is a sign that you didn't use sun protection daily. I'm sure that we are all guilty of doing this, but luckily there are many skin products and makeup that have SPF built into them.

        If you are lucky to have avoided this so far, consider yourself lucky. Because one they appear, they can be very hard to get rid of. I speak from experience. Especially as you age, you can start to see all the effects from years of tanning and baking at the beach.

        So how can you cover those brown spots up if you don't have the funds to get laser treatment? There are tons of primers and concealers that do a great job. My favorite, tarte's BB tinted primer. Not only does it do a great job of covering up my brown spots, it also has a SPF of 30, bonus!

        I use my beauty blender, which is damp, and dab a bit on the back of my hand, and blend into my skin.

        IT cosmetics also have a product that I am dying to try for dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Check out their video and see what you think. You can get it here.


       Tips For Keeping Your Eye Makeup In Place

          Have you ever left for work one woman, and returned home another? I rarely look in the mirror at work, but that all changed when I caught a glimpse of myself when I came home from work. I had no idea that makeup could travel so far down my face. 

          So, what can you do to keep your eye makeup in place? First, you don't want to "prime" your eye lids with a concealer that is too creamy. You want to actually use an eyelid primer. They work wonders in keeping your makeup in place.

          Next is eyeliner. How do you keep this in place? The one trick that I found works it to apply a small amount of eye shadow with an angled brush just over your eyeliner, and it should last a little longer. These tips will also keep your eyeshadow in place longer.

      Here are some tips on how to make your eyeliner last longer if you apply it on your water line.


      5 Tips for how to make your make last longer all day...


      How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

      how to make your lips look fuller

             I'm not really into that fake blowup doll pucker you see on some celebrities these days. It looks so fake and actually painful, not to mention all the money they paid for their procedure.

            You don't have to go thru expensive surgeries and still achieve the look of a fuller lip. There are some very easy ways to make your pucker look bigger, all with the help of makeup and a few steps before you apply your lip gloss or lipstick.

         Fist thing that you should do is to make sure that your lips aren't flaky. These flakes reflect less light and can make your lips looks smaller. You should also avoid darker shades, this too will make your mouth look smaller. Here are a few more tips & tricks too.

       Now watch the magic happen here with Babsbeauty




      How To Play Up Brown Eyes

       makeup for brown eyes

        Brown colored eye are usually a mix of a few primary colors, meaning that you (and I) have quite a few options. Egg plant colors and plums as well as greenish gold shades look awesome with brown eyes. Navy eyeshadow also plays up your brown color and can really make your eyes pop.

           You can also get inspiration from Pinterest  with dozens of examples of beautiful brown eyed makeup. 

         Generally, as a rule of thumb, jewel tones work amazing well for enhancing and playing up brown eyes because they have the same richness and depth. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for brown eyes.

      Check out this great tutorial from Sona Gasparian. She has gorgeous brown eye and will show you some of her secrets.


      How To Make Blue Eyes Pop

       how to make blue eyes stand out

         It's not to hard to make blue eyes pop. Even just a little mascara can go a long way. Here's how to make your blue eyes your dominant feature and get them noticed.

        • Wear colors opposite of blue on the color wheel- those would be browns, coppers, golds, and oranges
        • Terra-cotta is great color that will make your blue eyes stand out
        • Shade your eyes in hues of purple
        • Create neutral smoky eyes
        • Use a beige liner, this will brighten your eyes
        • Try using brown mascara, this will make those blue eyes pop

      Here are few more juicy tips...

      Check out Lauren Curtis. She has gorgeous blue eyes and she will show you  step by step how to make those blue eye pop!

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      When To Throw Out Your Makeup

      when to throw out your makeup

      Makeup junkies, I know this will be hard for you to do, getting rid of your favorite lipstick or mascara, but did you know that they really do have an expiration date? Not paying to this could result in bacteria build up, or worse, an infection. Yuck!

      It's really important to keep track of when you made your purchases. 

      Here is the low down on ditching your makeup products. Are you guilty like me and keeping a few items way to long?

      • blushes, bronzers, & shadows: 2 years
      • Concealers: 12-18 months
      • Lipstick & liner: 1 year
      • Lip gloss: 18-24 months
      • Pencil eyeliner: 2 years
      • Mascara: 3 months
      • Foundation: 1 year
      • Moisturizer: 2 years
      • Brow pencil: 1 year
      • Sponges: 6 months

      Wedding Makeup Looks

      wedding makeup look

        Most every girl dreams of their wedding day starting at a very young age. From choosing the right dress to picking out bridesmaids,list is endless and can be a bit overwhelming. It can also be fun too.

        One important choice future brides make is how they want their hair and makeup to look. Choosing the right wedding makeup is almost just as important as picking out the right dress. This is a time to try out different looks and play around with your makeup. After, it's your day right?

      Check out this gorgeous bridal makeup look from Shannon Harris.


      How To Achieve That Natural Makeup Look

      natural makeup

         Having that natural makeup look is one of my favorites. Less time getting ready. A clean flawless look. Low maintenance. 

       This 8 minute look from Carli Bybel is simply stunning!


        How To Use A Beauty Blender

           Beauty blenders in my opinion are one of the best makeup inventions and are an absolute must. I'm not sure how ever did without one. I use mine everyday and my skin looks near flawless.

          When you use this makeup sponge, it's important to wet it first. It needs to be damp, otherwise your makeup will not blend in. 

       Here are 10 ways to use this genius little sponge.

       Alright, there you have it. Hope these tips helped and inspired you! Did we miss anything that you wanted to know? Write it in the comments and we will get the answers!

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