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How To Tweeze And Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows

How To Tweeze And Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows

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How To Reshape And Style Your Eyebrows


 How many of you are guilty of over plucking your eyebrows? Even worse, neglecting them completely? I thought I always did a great job and have killer brows, until I saw an old photo of me..... guilty. I am now one of those girls that is obsessed with my brows. I pluck my brows every day. Maybe too much. But I can't help myself. Funny how that hair wasn't there when I went to bed. How do they grow that fast?

how to shape your eyebrows

        When you pluck and shape your eyebrows, you need to have the right beauty tools. On the list is an angled brush, tweezers, eyebrow brush, and an eyebrow pencil or brow gel (my favorite) and of course great lighting. You will also need a white or nude eyeliner pencil if you are really shooting for strong definition.

Top Performing Brow Gels



       Have sparse eyebrows? No problem, really.

A video posted by Ashley (@ashleykaylamakeup) on

Complete Brow Kits..

Have you ever wanted to change the shape of your eyebrows? This video from Tina @Makeupandartfreak

 Eyebrow Shaping 101



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