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How To Make Your Blue Eyes Look Electric

How To Make Your Blue Eyes Look Electric

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Make Your Blue Eyes Pop


   Do you have blue eyes? If you are one of the lucky 10% of the population that has them, why not flaunt them?  By wearing the right shades, you can make those baby blues stand out.

 For the most impact, you will need to use earthy shadows like rose gold, browns, and peach. The warmer the eyeshadow tones, the more your eyes will stand out. 

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These color pallets are perfect for blue eyes...


Try navy eyeliner. This color can really highlight the blue in your eye and make them look stunning. However, you do want to stay away from blue eyeshadows. These similar colors will reduce the impact of your blue eyes. 

  Another trick to try out is using no eyeliner on your waterline at all. Sometimes, the more simplistic your makeup is, the more your eyes will pop. 

how to make blue eyes pop

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Make Blue eyes POP! Bronze Glitter Make up Tutorial from Rachel Leary. You can find Rachel here on YouTube.


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