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How To Apply Bronzer And Get A Beautiful Glow

How To Apply Bronzer And Get A Beautiful Glow

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How To Apply Bronzer For Beginners



   Applying bronzer can be a bit scary if you don't know what you are doing.One wrong move and you look like you have been in an accident, or worse, your skin has the same shade as an orange. 

    What we all crave that youthful glowing skin, and that's what bronzer can do. Especially in the winter months when your skin can look sallow.

   Here are a few tips for getting a beautiful bronze finish that looks natural and glowing..

  • Apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face: temples, forehead & cheeks
  • For more precise control, use a smaller makeup brush
  • Start with a light hand and gradually build up
  • You can mix a drop of tinted moisturizer for an over all glow
  • To make your cheek bones appear higher, apply bronzer below the cheek bone and add highlight on the cheek bone
  • Don't forget to apply bronzer along your chin, this will help add definition to your jaw line



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