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6 Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Eye Makeup In Place

6 Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Eye Makeup In Place

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Tips For Keeping Your Eye Makeup In Place


   If you wear eye makeup then I know you have felt the frustration of putting on eye makeup, only for a few hours to pass and it's smudged, faded, and you look like you just woke up. Wouldn't it be nice if once you put on your eyeliner it stayed in place?

    Lucky for us there is no need to get frustrated and settle for bad makeup.We have the solution! Check out our favorite tips and tricks... 

how to keep your eye makeup in place

Tip #1 If you plan to wear eye shadow, shy away from oils and moisturizers. These will slide into your eye creases.

Tip #2 Use a liquid eye liner or waterproof gel liner for staying power. 

Tip #3 Use a quality primer, this will ensure that your eye makeup stays put.

Tip #4 Trace over your eyeliner with a similar eye shadow. You will need a high quality angled makeup brush.

Tip #5 Start with a clean slate. Before you put your makeup on, make sure you wash off any excess oils from over night.

 Tip #6 Keep eye makeup remover on hand for any quick fix that is needed.

 * If you have any tips that we haven't thought of, leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you! 

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