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How To Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners

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How To Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners

Tips & Tricks For Applying False Lashes

    If you have never put on false eyelashes, it can seem a bit intimidating. They can seem a little high maintenance and the last thing you want is your lashes to look synthetic or too heavy. What I do know is that I love the way they look when done right.

    False eyelashes can completely transform the way your eyes look. You can even get away with wearing less eye makeup and still look gorgeous. Your eyes stand out more and you look more awake.

    Because they can be very tricky to put on, here are a few tips so it doesn't seen so awkward.


 1. If you wrap your eyelashes around a makeup brush for a few minutes before you apply them, you will get the added benefit of creating a curve, allowing them to form to the shape of your lid. *Tip...let the eyelash adhesive get “tacky” for at least 45 seconds so you can literally just stick them on the lash line and they won’t turn or slide. *This is a highly recommended eyelash applicator. 

2. Cut your lashes in half if you are going for a more natural look. Adding these to the corners of your eyes will give you a beautiful doe-eyed look.



3. Make your own individual lashes by cutting them. Individual lashes tend to cost more and you can save money.

4. To avoid damaging your lashes, use a cotton swab and an oil free makeup remover. Once you soak your cotton swab, gently rub on your lash line and they should easily come off.

5. Apply a little more glue on the ends. This area is a bit stubborn and you need a little more to get them to stick.

6. Once you have applied your lashes, put on a few gentle strokes of mascara. This will help blend on your natural lashes into the false ones.


Still need a little help? Here is the perfect video for beginners. In less than 5 minutes, you will have mastered this gorgeous look!


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