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5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes, Sponges And Makeup Palettes

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5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes, Sponges And Makeup Palettes

Makeup Brush And Palette Cleaning Tips & Tricks


How many of you clean your makeup brushes regularly? If you knew just how much bacteria, dirt and germs were left on your brushes after you used them, I bet you would wash them weekly, if not after every use.

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Every time you use your brush, you leave behind makeup, oil and dead skin cells. Yuck right? This can also lead to acne break outs too. Have I convinced you to start cleaning them yet? If not consider that dirty brushes also prevent you from precise makeup application as well? This is because your old makeup is still caked on your brush.

Still not sure? Did you also know that keeping your brushes clean will also help maintain their softness, keeping your skin from irritation. This will also help them last longer and save money over time. 

 Tips for cleaning your makeup brushes...

  • When you are washing your brushes, make sure to only wet the bristles. Getting the handle wet could loosen the glue over time
  • You can use a gentle soap or shampoo to clean your brushes. Both work perfectly.
  • Makeup brushes with wood handles need to be dried on an angle, otherwise you could deform the base. They can expand and crack

Tips for cleaning and repairing your makeup palettes..

  • You can use rubbing alcohol to clean your eye shadow. Just lightly rub a tissue over your palette and then spritz on rubbing alcohol. You can also dip your clean make up brush into a small amount of rubbing alcohol, shaking off any excess, and lighting wipe across your palette. This should get rid of the bacteria.
  • Did you know you can also use rubbing alcohol to repair a broken palette? Just gather all the pieces and spray them with alcohol.


  Here is the easiest way to clean your beauty blender.... 

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