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5 Reasons To Use Synthetic Makeup Brushes

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5 Reasons To Use Synthetic Makeup Brushes

 Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes


    Do you know the difference between using an animal hair makeup brush vs a synthetic makeup brush? When it comes to makeup brushes, there are so many brands and styles to choose from and it can be overwhelming and confusing. To be honest,  I had no idea what I was actually buying. I didn't realize that some makeup brushes used animal hair. 

      After realizing this, I no longer buy any brush unless I know they are synthetic. Now I realize that not everyone feels the same way I do, but let me explain to you why you may want to consider purchasing a synthetic makeup brush the next time you find yourself at the beauty store.

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*Synthetic brushes made from nylon, taklon or polyester fibers. They are less likely to become damaged by the makeup because they are not as porous as natural hairs. They don’t soak up as much makeup, avoiding clumping.

*Synthetic brushes are easier to keep clean because they don’t absorb the makeup pigment. This means less wear-and-tear, saving you money.

*Synthetic brushes naturally gravitate toward each other, giving you a more precise smooth finish. They are perfect for angled brushes.

*Some people have allergies to animal hair. Did you know that some brushes are made from sable, squirrel, horse or even goat?        

*Synthetic makeup brushes lack a cuticle, which means they are great to use               with liquid products like primers, foundations and concealers. They don't trap makeup.

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