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Tips For Contouring And Highlighting

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Tips For Contouring And Highlighting

How To Contour And Highlight


     If you ever wonder how those beauty bloggers on instagram get their glowy dewy skin, it's from contouring and highlighting. It's the new photoshop.

What you want to do is to create shadows and light to help define certain areas and enhance others.

 By adding light, you are making that area appear more prominent like cheek bones, corner of your eyes and just above your upper lip. When you create shadows, you help create definition and shape.



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Here is a cheat sheet for any face shape... 




Want to make your nose look thinner? Try this little trick!



You can literally change the shape of your face and make it look thinner.





Ready to see this in action from start to finish? Check our one of our favorite beauty bloggers Jaclyn Hill. She has the best advice for getting that celebrity look.



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