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The 6 Must Have Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs

The 6 Must Have Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs

Top Favorite Must Have Makeup Brushes


     How many makeup brushes do you use everyday? I must have over 30 brushes in my collection, and yet I use the same ones over and over again. Is this you too? 

What I love about my favorites is that they help give me that flawless airbrush finish that we all crave. Below are my go to brushes that I use every day. What are your must haves? Let us know in the comments! 


kabuki makeup brush and blush brush

Foundation Brush (Kabuki)

Want the perfect foundation brush? Invest in a kabuki brush. This brush buffs your favorite foundations, creams, or primers for a perfectly airbrushed finish, without leaving any streaks.The fibers from these brushes are dense, soft, and feel amazing against your skin.


Powder Brush

 These fluffy large brushes are key for applying and blending loose powder foundation or blush for a gorgeous finish. These work great with  shear loose or pressed powder. These are also multitasking brushes because they can be used for applying highlighters too.


Bronzer Brush

This fluffy makeup brush is a must if you want to add color and dimension to your face. I definitely use this brush in the winter when skin starts to look sallow.



Liner Brush

An angled makeup brush is the perfect choice for filling in your brows or tracing bold eyeliner. Especially of you love gel liner. ( my fav is Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade) You want a flat brush that will help glide on the product as straight as possible. This is a must have if you are obsessed with your eyebrows like I am.

 Here is the perfect example of how to use an angled brush...

Shadow Brush

This brush applies eyeshadow across your eyelids for intense color. This brush takes the place of that small eyeshadow applicator that usually comes with when you buy eyeshadow. For me, the brush applies makeup so much better.


Blending Brush

 A blending brush does exactly that, it blends all of the harsh lines that happen when you apply your eyeshadow. This brush is essential because after you apply all of your colors you need blend and create a soft blended look. 


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