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Teach Yourself How To Apply Foundation And Concealer

Teach Yourself How To Apply Foundation And Concealer

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How To Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Highlighter


   I think everyone who has ever put on foundation has questioned weather or not they are doing it right. I love this tutorial from Jaclyn Hill. She makes it look so easy and she comes away looking flawless. My favorite foundation is Tarte Amazonian. I love it not only because it gives great coverage, but because they do not test on animals. Ok, enough about me, check out this tutorial and tell us what you think!

How to apply foundation and concealer by Jaclyn Hill


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This next makeup tutorial has been seen by over 7 million people. Wow!  No doubt Tina Young gives the best advice for any beginner. She looks gorgeous!

How To Contour with Tina Young


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