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How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly      What is one makeup trick that you wish you could master every morning? For me it's getting skin that looks beautiful, healthy, and flawless with out looking cakey and unnatural. I use to never wear foundation, but after years in the sun and not taking care of my skin, I have a lot of sun damage and uneven tones. Wearing a good base is now a must. Here are my 6 best makeup tips: Apply your base makeup in this order: color correctors, foundation, concealer. Wash your makeup off every night before you...

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How To Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Highlighter      I think everyone who has ever put on foundation has questioned weather or not they are doing it right. I love this tutorial from Jaclyn Hill. She makes it look so easy and she comes away looking flawless. My favorite foundation is Tarte Amazonian. I love it not only because it gives great coverage, but because they do not test on animals. Ok, enough about me, check out this tutorial and tell us what you think! How to apply foundation and concealer by Jaclyn Hill   On sale! New 3 piece...

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