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Summer Foundation Routine

Summer Foundation Routine

 The Perfect Summer Makeup Routine 

     Do you change your makeup routine in the summer? With the heat and humidity it's a good idea to swap out a few of your products for something a bit lighter and less heavy. Change just a few products and your skin will look flawless, even in 90 degree weather. Check out our top  summer tips and makeup tutorial below from Jaclyn Hill below.


Try these proven makeup tips...

  • Swap foundation for tinted moisturizers that  will even out your skin tone and add radiance. These tend to feel less heavy in the heat.
  • Applying bronzer with a slight shimmer with peach or pink undertones
  • Smudge deep copper eye shadow all over your lids for a summery take on smoky eyes. Avoid using a cream, instead opt for powder.
  • Always use a moisturizer with SPF
  • Invest in a good primer to help keep your makeup in place. This is so important!
  • Avoid cream foundations or anything too luminous. The humidity will make you extra shiny and sweaty-looking

      Here's a great cheat sheet! Switch to these summer makeup products for a flawless face.



    Watch beauty Jaclyn Hill as she shows us her favorite summer look. She makes it look so easy!


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