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How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

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How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape



How To Apply Blush And Brighten Up Your Face 

   Are you one of those women who avoids wearing blush? Many women avoid wearing it because they have no idea how to apply it. But really, it's not difficult when you figure out what your face shape is.

  So, do you know what face shape you have? There are 5 basic shapes. Long, heart, oval, square and round. When applied correctly, it can brighten up your face and give you a beautiful youthful glow. Who doesn't want that?


  Check out this chart below. Which one most looks like your face?



  Ok, so you figured out which one is most like you. Below are some basic guides for every face shape.

Here are


Check out this tutorial from Sinead Cady. She will take you step by step and teach you how to apply blush & get that gorgeous glow no matter what your face shape.

You can find more of her videos here.



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