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From Dull to Flawless Looking Skin, This is How You Apply Foundation

From Dull to Flawless Looking Skin, This is How You Apply Foundation

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How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly


   What is one makeup trick that you wish you could master every morning? For me it's getting skin that looks beautiful, healthy, and flawless with out looking cakey and unnatural. I use to never wear foundation, but after years in the sun and not taking care of my skin, I have a lot of sun damage and uneven tones. Wearing a good base is now a must.

Here are my 6 best makeup tips:

  • Apply your base makeup in this order: color correctors, foundation, concealer.
  • Wash your makeup off every night before you go to bed ( I use to never do this!)
  • If your skin is acne prone, use an oil free foundation, and an oil based foundation if your skin is dry
  • Use a good quality makeup sponge or foundation brush.
  • If you are going for a dewey look, apply a drop of facial oil on your sponge and then smooth
  • Use sunscreen every day! Many concealers, primers, and foundations have them already in them

Take a peak at Kashual Beauty as she shows you her foundation routine from start to finish.



Get the perfect dewey foundation look with Alexandrea Garza


Want to get dewey glowing skin? This video is one of my favorites because her skin looks amazing! It's perfect because this routine won't accentuate dry, dull patches. Perfect for the winter months!


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