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How To Wear Dark Lipstick

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How To Wear Dark Lipstick

Plum Lip Shades For Fall


        Hello beauties! It's my favorite time of year. Pumpkin flavored anything, new boots to check out, and of course new lipstick shades to try. I love the clean makeup look with a dark lip, but do you know how to pick the shade that is best for you?


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Here are a few things you need to know before you pick out your next dark lipstick..


  • Dark shades cling to your lip color, so make sure that you have no dry patches.
  • Use a lip exfoliator and condition those lips first It's easier to see flaws with darker colors, use a lip pencil to clean up any "mistakes"
  • Dark lipstick can really make you look pale, especially in the fall and winter, use bronzer for a little added color and warmth to your face
  • Use a lip brush to better control the color intensity You can clean up the edges by using a concealer, this will give a more polished look


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 Check out Michelle Pham, she really gives the best advice to picking out the perfect shade for your skin color.

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